Axion Ventures Inc OTCMKTS: AXNVF Reports Press Tour for Invictus with Apple and Announces Inagural Esports Tournament in Thailand


Axion Ventures Inc OTCMKTS: AXNVF is a video game company with majority ownership in Axion Games, an online video game development and publishing company headquartered in Shanghai, China as well as in True Axion Interactive Ltd., its video game development company headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand cofounded with True Corporation. Invictus is the first AAA-quality, Esports-focused mobile game created in Thailand and developed by TAI. During its opening weekend, Invictus ranked No. 1 under both the “Action Games” and “Card Games” categories, and ranked No. 3 overall under the “Free Games” category on the App Store in Thailand. For Google Play, Invictus ranked No. 8 under the “Free Games” category.

Axion Ventures Inc OTCMKTS: AXNVF On June 11, 2019 announce that its True Axion Interactive (“TAI”) joint venture released mobile video game, INVICTUS: Lost Soul (“Invictus”), was highlighted at a recent press day hosted by Apple (NASDAQ: APPL) in Singapore. The press day included over 40 video game media outlets in attendance from Southeast Asia and is a part of Apple’s on-going promotion of their recently announced “Apple Arcade”, a subscription based mobile game service, which is expected to launch this fall. Please see page 2 below for a list of recent media surrounding the Apple press event.

Invictus was one of three video games that Apple highlighted based on the game’s innovative game mechanics and high-quality graphics.

“We are proud to have been invited into Apple’s mobile game ecosystem as a highlighted developer in Southeast Asia,” stated Todd Bonner, Chairman and CEO of Axion. “Being recognized by a mobile game leader and given access to their marketing capability will help define Invictus as a must-play game on the App Store and further expand the game’s reach in Southeast Asia and beyond.”

“Invictus is the first game developed with Axion Ventures through our TAI joint venture and we are pleased with the auspicious test results of Invictus.  This example will encourage Thais to acquire the skills necessary to enter this lucrative and growing industry.  We are committed to building SE Asia’s first AAA video game studio together with Axion and catalyzing Thailand’s ascension to the most significant video game development center in Asia,” said Birathon Kasemsri, Chief Content & Media Officer & Executive Assistant to Chairman of The Executive Committee at True Corporation.

Axion Ventures Inc OTCMKTS: AXNVF On June 10, 2019 announce the official delivery of ‘Season 1’ of Rising Fire to distribution partner, Tencent. This content payload, officially named Season 1, represents nearly 6 months of content creation and technical tuning by Axion’s Shanghai HQ on various attributes of Rising Fire for which details are outlined below. As Tencent uploads and integrates Season 1 onto their WeGame servers over the next 14 days, users are expected to be able to play this newest version by the end of June 2019. Axion will make gameplay footage available in the near future.

“The release of Season 1 of Rising Fire represents a major step forward for our Company and I am proud of the work that has been attributed to this newest and largest content payload,” stated Todd Bonner, Chairman and CEO of Axion. “The scope and size of Season 1 is three times larger than any update that Axion has produced for Tencent in the past and is the culmination of almost 6 months of work by our impressive team at our Shanghai HQ. We look forward to report retention numbers from Season 1 as it is fully integrated onto the WeGame platform.”