Kona Gold Solutions Inc OTCMKTS: KGKG Signs LOI to Lease 30,000 Square Foot Warehouse in South Carolina


Kona Gold Solutions Inc OTCMKTS: KGKG has created wholly owned subsidiaries, Kona Gold LLC, HighDrate, LLC, and Gold Leaf Distribution, LLC. Kona Gold, LLC has developed a premium Hemp Infused Energy Drink line. HighDrate, LLC has developed the beverage industry’s first CBD Energy Water, available in 4 delicious flavors Gold Leaf Distribution, LLC was created to fill the Company’s distribution needs in markets it wants to quickly enter. The Companies are located on the east coast of Florida in Melbourne.

Kona Gold Solutions Inc OTCMKTS: KGKG On May 17, 2019 announce that it has signed an LOI to lease warehouse space in Greer, South Carolina, right outside of Greenville. The warehouse encompasses 30,000 square feet, in which the Company will acquire 15,000 square feet with the option to lease the additional 15,000 square feet within two years. The new warehouse space will operate as Kona Gold’s distribution hub, where all product will be stored and shipped to distributors around the country. The location will also serve as a new Gold Leaf Distribution hub as the Company expands Gold Leaf’s distribution footprint in new markets. Gold Leaf is currently targeting potential distribution acquisitions to expand its territories and product offerings.

Kona Gold moved into its new 5,000 square foot Corporate headquarters one year ago and has already maxed out its capacity to store product at that location as the Company continues its rapid growth. The Florida offices will continue to serve as the Corporate headquarters for the Company.

“With the extension and high demand of our product lines, we are now producing 100 to 150 pallets each month, exceeding what our current warehouse in Florida can accommodate,” stated Robert Clark, CEO of Kona Gold Solutions, Inc. “We made the strategic decision to lease warehouse space in South Carolina, which will become our distribution hub for all Kona Gold products. Shipping lanes are very expensive out of Melbourne, FL, and the expense saved by shipping to our 40 plus distributors from South Carolina, will come close to offsetting the new monthly lease. I am very excited by the Company’s continued growth and success and this move positions us to continue on that upward path.”

Kona Gold recently had a record quarter in revenue in Q1, with over $272,000 in sales. The Company recently posted its projections of $400,000 for Q2 and is on track to beat that estimate, with April sales upwards of $180,000 alone.

Kona Gold Solutions Inc OTCMKTS: KGKG On April 29, 2019 announce it has partnered with sixteen new distributors within the last thirty days. These new distribution partners are located in California, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. With its Kona Gold Hemp Energy Drinks and HighDrate CBD Energy Waters, the Company continues to grow its market share in the hemp and CBD infused beverage sector by adding new distribution partners, further solidifying itself as a leader in its market. Kona Gold currently has distribution partners in 24 states.

Kona Gold announced earlier this month it has begun production of its new exciting flavors for both its Hemp Energy Drink and CBD Energy Water product lines. These new Kona Gold Hemp Energy Drink flavors include Bubble Gum and Candy Apple, while the new HighDrate CBD Energy Waters include Sour Apple and Blue Island Punch. All new flavors are expected to hit the market by mid to late May.

“The Company is growing its market presence at its fastest pace to date and our revenue is a reflection of that growth,” stated Robert Clark, CEO of Kona Gold Solutions, Inc. “This month, Kona Gold has moved the largest amount of product it has ever moved in a one month timeframe, over 10,000 cases, and with our new flavors launching next month, we do not anticipate that to slow down.”