Frelii Inc OTCMKTS: FRLI Making the Right Contracts


Frelii Inc OTCMKTS: FRLI  is a biotech company that uses human DNA gene sequencing and artificial intelligence (AI) to assess more than 3.2 billion markers on the human genome. The results are aligned and leveraged against its AI, as a means of creating a very strong and powerful data platform for use by the Health & Wellness, Healthcare, Medical Cannabis and Pharmaceutical industries. Frelii’s technology generates accurate and profoundly valuable insight into an individual’s DNA. The company provides DNA Kit Packages and customized reporting for consumers, patients and healthcare providers to ensure the ideal treatment, drugs and dosing are a prime “fit” to the individual.

Frelii Inc OTCMKTS: FRLI announced that it has signed a contract and licensing agreement with Optivida Health (Optivida), one of the nation’s leaders in advanced hemp extract for the consumer market. Optivida will leverage Frelii’s proprietary DNA Kit Packages™ to ensure Optivida customers can realize the optimal benefits of which specific Optivida products best suit their unique DNA profile.

“Historically, the only approach to using hemp extract, hemp oil, CBD and other cannabinoid products effectively has been through trial and error,” said Ian Jenkins, CEO of Frelii. “Now, through the power of Frelii’s proprietary DNA Kit Packages, Optivida customers can have their whole DNA sequenced and analyzed, whereby they will be given the ability to know what hemp, CBD and other products are most appropriate and what precision dose will work most effectively for their own specific needs.”

Frelii is a biotech company that specializes in providing a blend of human DNA sequencing and Artificial Intelligence (AI), for the purpose of assisting specific industries in advancing and providing personalized care, pharmacogenetic alignment and wellness directives. With the ability to sequence 3.2 billion markers of each individual’s DNA, Frelii is able to provide the Health & Wellness, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries with unique advanced data to aid in patient care, aid in improved patient outcomes and recommendations to enhance an individual’s general condition. Essentially, Frelii has the ability to recommend a specific supplement or drug based on a person’s genetic profile and need. Frelii can achieve this by using their proprietary AI to ensure that the DNA report for each individual sequenced is optimized against their own specific DNA markers, and those of millions of other similarly aligned DNA profiles as reference, to ensure each recommendation is as precision-based as possible in today’s market. Frelii recently launched their DNA Kit Packages to the Health & Wellness industry. Similar, but further enhanced versions of their offering will be available to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries soon.

Frelii is quite different from other DNA sequencing companies that typically offer products to consumers for learning their heredity or family ancestry. These types of companies only align an average of 500,000 DNA markers, which limits their ability to truly “see” the broad palette of an individual’s DNA and issues that can influence their health or treatment. With the ability to sequence billions of DNA markers per person, Frelii can provide the individual or their care provider with a much more comprehensive view of how their genetic alignment may be influencing their current or future health.

Optivida customers will be able to purchase a customized, proprietary Frelii DNA Kit Package. Following analysis by Frelii, customers will receive personalized recommendations for their health and wellness via the customized online report that the individual can access through a highly secure online portal. This report will include specific health, wellness, exercise, sleep and stress management recommendations for each individual whose DNA was processed. Optivida’s products will be integrated into the individual’s report so they know specifically which products are ideal for them. This is a unique way for Optivida customers to learn more about their own DNA, their health and wellness – as well as how and which Optivida products will best help them achieve an optimal health and wellness condition.