APT Systems Inc OTCMKTS: APTY Surging Its Way to Top


APT Systems Inc OTCMKTS: APTY is a financial technology company that is developing platforms, including trader access to proprietary charting tools, via the KenCharts application, and plans to launch its innovative trading application, Intuitrader. Verifundr is an escrow and payments platform and Tyrtrade is an interchange for minting and delivering Spera, a stable coin. Management also strategically reviews other compatible financial businesses which demonstrate strong growth potential. We are continuing our diligent search for software products and partners that would enhance our operations. Management launched its subsidiaries SNAPT Games, Inc. and RCPS Management, Inc. to further facilitate new products, acquisitions and long-term goals.

On February 28th, 2019 APT Systems Inc announced it is reorganizing its authorized share structure and the CEO will be returning to the treasury from personal holdings, 47 Million common shares.

The Company filed its preliminary Schedule Form 14C filing as part of the next steps to complete an increase in authorized shares to help attract and secure direct investment from accredited investors for its newest subsidiary, AUREX Trading and Recovery Inc.

While embracing its newest revenue opportunity of acquiring e-scrap for precious metal recovery, management of APT Systems also reaffirms its commitment to building financial platforms and further shaping the founder’s vision of delivering modern tools to modern traders. We appreciate and value the ongoing support of our shareholders.

APT Systems Inc has been making huge news lately which has been attracting investors, on March 21st, 2019 the comapny annoucned on behalf of AUREX Trading and Recovery Inc., its wholly owned subsidiary, that it has contracted with an e-waste supplier to take weekly delivery of sortable goods based on the investment made by insiders. These shipments are sorted immediately and put back into the recycling chain for cash flow.

Management is now more focused on delivering a market strategy designed to increase the Company’s visibility throughout the investment community based on the success of the operations to date (view photos https://aurextrading.com/gallery.html).

AUREX is a unique recycling brand with an aggregation backbone that supplies disassembled computer parts to some of the industry’s best in metal extraction processers, which in turn produces eco-gold and eco-silver for safe and high-quality consumer goods.

Leveraging its approach to deliver on a multi-level refining strategy will enable AUREX to generate elevated gross margins as it scales from its commercial launch. “We look forward to communicating the value proposition as the Company achieves upcoming financial and operational milestones over the course of 2019,” advised Dowie, CEO. “Management is creating comprehensive programs to successfully build and manage shareholder value for the subsidiary and ultimately, for the parent company, APT Systems.”

About AUREX Trading and Recovery Inc.: Founded in 2018, this subsidiary has made its goal to help the recycling industry move society towards adopting our responsible ‘zero electronic waste in our landfills’ policy. AUREX is leveraging industry-leading technology to provide liquidity and pricing transparency to recyclers and the precious metals recovery industry.

In January, 2019 teh company also contracted with a highly regarded US based refiner for its precious metal recovery needs. The recycling operation is focused on recovering precious metals and other valuable commodities buried within industrial and electronic waste.

The Company chose this refiner because it is highly capable and based in close proximity to Aurex’s warehouse in Pennsylvania, and will further provide us with logistical advantages over competitors. The facility provides state of the art recovery of precious metals from various types of scrap. The refiner is a Silver LEED certified facility by the Green Building Council (USGBC). All of these factors including a commitment to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability went into our decision making process for choosing the right refining partner.

“We’re excited to be expanded our base in Pennsylvania,” said Glenda Dowie, CEO of APT Systems. “We are continuing to negotiate with others and enter into agreements with the great suppliers in the area.”

AUREX Trading and Recovery is focused on opportunities that can be shown to demonstrably enhance the operations and cash flows of the small recycling partners it serves.