POTNETWORK HLDGS I (OTCMKTS:POTN) Continues Exponential Sales Growth



POTNETWORK HLDGS I (OTCMKTS:POTN) is a relatively frequent topic of discussion here on Street Register. In fact it was just a couple of weeks ago that we were talking about a record sales month for the company, and it looks as if that trajectory will continue.

After posting a company record month of April for cannabidiol product sales from its Diamond CBD subsidiary, this week the company presented figures for this month, and the pattern is repeating.

POTNETWORK HLDGS I (OTCMKTS:POTN) recently announced over half a million dollars in sales revenues generated exclusively online for the first 27 days of the month of May. Compared with the corresponding period in 2017, May 2018’s online revenues represent a year over year increase surpassing 1000%.

Revenue results are quickly made available online for public view through tools designed to keep investors informed. Featuring a comparison with the corresponding sales results of last year, the company’s website empowers investors with an excellent resource for gauging growth. According to the real-time revenue ticker on Potnetworkholding.com, revenue results have  continued to demonstrate consistent and continuous growth in Diamond CBD’s sales.

PotNetwork Holdings continues advancement on multiple levels; expanded and enhanced product lines, results-oriented strategic diversification and strategies, and the strengthening of upward momentum in support of the Company’s establishment of consistent record breaking trends.

POTN is acting to protect its industry dominance, in part by expansion into new regional markets in the U.S., as well as Canada and Europe. Domestically, recent strategies include the implementation of direct sales to brick and mortar retailers via a corporate fleet of inventory stocked vans in major U.S. metro markets that directly service retailers. Products are locally stocked and warehoused.(Source: Globe News Wire)

In other recent news, the company has entered a recent partnership that will combat a serious problem that has existed for a long while and is only getting worse over time- Bullying.

Diamond CBD, Inc., in conjunction with its joint-venture cause-related marketing partner, Exponential, Inc. (XPO2), will be sponsoring The Bully Rehab Awareness Gym (BRAG), based in Yuma, Arizona, as well as up-and-coming Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter, Tyler Yogi Hinton, protege of the gym’s founder, Carlos Flores.

Diamond CBD, Inc. is proud to provide financial support, as well as product sponsorship to the Bully Rehab Awareness Gym, Carlos Flores, and Tyler Yogi Hinton. Management strongly believes that its support of the fastest growing sport on the planet, key anti-bullying programs and choice MMA athletes is a strategy that will pay long-term dividends. (Source: Globe Newswire)

MMA has long been active in the anti cullying movement, and it’s good to see POTN, a company we’ve followed for a long time, get in that action. We also feel that MMA offers a natural synergy with the kinds of CBD products POTN offers through Diamond CBD.

CBD of course is not bound by the same guidelines as marijuana, as it does not produce any psychoactive effects. It is perhaps in part this lack of regulatory roadblock that allows POTN’s sales to continue to soar upward. That is perhaps its biggest draw, and why we will continue to follow its activities. We’ll be sure to continue looking out for key events. We’ll stay up on any further developments with POTN and pass them along to you! Stay locked on StreetRegister.com and be sure you’re signed up for our 100% free small cap newsletter. It’s as easy as that! Simply submit your primary active email address in the box below. Subscribe now!


Disclosure: No one at Street Register has been compensated in any way for the publishing of this article, nor do we hold any position in POTN stock, short or long.