BAHAMAS DEV CORP COM USD0.0001 (OTCMKTS:BDCI) Dives Deeper into Cannabis Sector


Through its Cannabis Consortium subsidiary, BAHAMAS DEV CORP COM USD0.0001 (OTCMKTS:BDCI) claims to be actively pursuing five distinct revenue streams in the cannabis marketplace. Specialty Items, Edibles, Beverages, Investment, and Research/ New Products


The first three of those revenue streams are comprised of edible products and ancillary items related to the edible marketplace. The 4th stream Invests into other private cannabis operations. The final stream, research, will focus on the medical benefits of CBD oils for the treatment of animals.


The most recent press release published by the company seems to focus on a number of those revenue streams at once. BAHAMAS DEV CORP COM USD0.0001 (OTCMKTS:BDCI) subsidiary company Cannabis Consortium has partnered with a group that will own a percentage of a Pre-ICO marijuana dispensary. The dispensary currently operates in an under 1,000 square foot, and is relocating to an 8,000 square foot, facility. The new dispensary has current licenses for Retail, Manufacturing, and Cultivation.



There are approximately 160 Pre-ICO licenses in the Los Angeles area and new applications will not be available for about 18 months. Pre-ICO refers to medical marijuana dispensaries that were open before September 14, 2007, when the Medical Marijuana Interim Control Ordinance (ICO) went into effect. The ICO is a city ordinance that prohibited new dispensaries from opening and only allowed Los Angeles dispensaries already in existence to remain open, provided they registered with the City Clerks’ Office prior to Nov. 13 of the same year.


The Manufacturing license that comes with the new dispensary is required to produce oil, edibles and concentrates. The Manufacturing license is vital for Cannabis Consortium to produce and sell its own branded patented products throughout California.


Cannabis Consortium has multiple years of operational experience in the MJ sector and access to deals that are not publicly advertised. The initial company Cannabis Consortium was going to partner with to sell its products through is the lead partner in this group. The group is investigating the potential of several operating dispensaries in order to purchase percentages that can range up to 50% ownership. (Source: Globe Newswire)


In other news, Cannabis Consortium has partnered with a Cannabis Distillate to supply all of its Oil needs in California and any other the State the company has operations in.


When Cannabis Consortium rolls out its specialty products, the key factor will be a steady supply of premium oils to be used in its products. The partner chosen by Cannabis Oils has the expertise to assist Cannabis Consortium in creating the right mixture for its various products. The Cannabis Distillate offers a diverse variety of Oils, that combined with Cannabis Consortiums patented delivery method, will provide for desired effects. (Source: Globe Newswire)


We’ve expressed our extreme interest in any company with dealings in the California cannabis industry. While medical marijuana has long been a reality there, the recreational space is the first true free market for cannabis and its byproducts by any adult with the inclination. CBD is also well known to be the fastest growing segment of the cannabis space as a whole, as it provides a way for people to obtain some of cannabis’ benefits without the THC that causes impairment in some individuals.We’ll be very interested to continue tracking BDCI’s entry into the space. We’ll stay up on any further developments with BDCI and pass them along to you! Stay locked on and be sure you’re signed up for our 100% free smallcap newsletter. It’s as easy as that! Simply submit your primary active email address in the box below. Subscribe now!


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