On4 Communications Inc (OTCMKTS:ONCI) Getting its Devices into More Vehicles


It was early last week that we had just touched upon On4 Communications Inc (OTCMKTS:ONCI), which has a Safe Driving App as well as a GPS  Mobile Tracking Device that it has been auditioning for several of the big automakers, rental companies, and dealerships alike. The Mobile Tracking Device officially went on sale the same day of our publication.

We felt compelled to swing back around for yet another update today after the company has revealed the preliminary signing off on a deal that will get its devices into even more vehicles. The release also included updates on products the company currently has in beta testing.

On4 Communications Inc (OTCMKTS:ONCI) signed a major new contract with a California dealership with brands including Mercedes, BMW, Chevy, Ford, Audi, Kia, Hyundai, and Subaru.

CEO Steve Berman states, “This contract is for 25 dealerships in Los Angeles and Orange County, California. Each dealership will take 20 units per month at $200 a unit which is $100,000 per month and $1.2 million per year. The units will be delivered October 1, 2017.”

“We are also excited to announce the name of our FMS safe driving app, our global tracking device, and our apps currently in beta testing. The FMS safe driving app BSAFE MOBILE protects the driver from the dangers of distracted driving. BSAFE MOBILE is currently selling at $250 per unit. The FMS global tracking device- B FOUND MOBILE tracks vehicles anywhere even under 5 feet of concrete. Pre-sales have been ordered at $250 per unit.

The first app in beta testing is OKGOLFER. This app tells the player what club to hit based on their handicap and speeds up the game by 2 hours. We are expected to bring to market at $100 per unit. The second app in beta testing is GOLF GAMBLER, a gambling app that lets golfers gamble on their round. This APP is free, our income varies and is paid after each round is complete.

Yet to be named is an alcohol tracking sensor similar to a breathalyzer. This app will be released to market at $150 per unit. On4 Communications is also working on a car seat monitoring sensor designed to monitor car temperature and determine whether a car seat is occupied. This will come to market at $150 per unit.”



Berman adds, “We bought out our 51 percent partner COGOSENSE LLC based out of Vancouver BC. The acquisition includes FLEET SAFER which generated over 1 million in sales last year…Our September 6 meeting with Enterprise Rent A Car was postponed due to Hurricane Harvey and is rescheduled for September 28th. Enterprise is sending 10,000 vehicles to Houston to assist in the cleanup efforts. Google Brazil sales have begun and now average 25 units per day. Next week, our 2nd quarter financials will be released on time by the September 15 due date. Also, expect to announce additional revenue contracts.” (Source: OTC Disclosure & News Service)

As we were commenting last week, ONCI had been silent on the update front for quite some time, and all of the sudden, an onslaught of developments began to occur with nearly a dozen PR’s published on various meetings and deals much like the ones mentioned above.

The PR push has helped propel ONCI’s share price from the  sub-penny range to more than a penny in a matter of weeks. It has also served to pique our interest with this play. We’ll stay up on any further developments with ONCI and pass them along to you! Stay locked on StreetRegister.com and be sure you’re signed up for our 100% free smallcap newsletter. It’s as easy as that! Simply submit your primary active email address in the box below. Subscribe now!

Disclosure: No one at Street Register has been compensated in any way for the publishing of this article, nor do we hold any position in ONCI stock, short or long.