Shares in Saddle Ranch Media Inc (OTCMKTS:SRMX) soar on Introduction of a New 4G/LTE Ultimate Wireless Gateway Hub


Consumers have been using 4G/LTE and there’s a high demand for this technology. Most wireless technology users do not want to opt for slower internet speeds, and as more people begin to adopt 4G/LTE, companies offering these products and services could continue to rise. Saddle Ranch Media Inc’s (OTCMKTS:SRMX), also known as SkyFidelity, subsidiary recently developed a 4G/LTE Gateway Hub that provides users with the ability to access the web from a SIM-based 4G/LTE Super Router.


SkyFidelity’s subsidiary company, Tri Cascade Inc, is committed to developing Internet of Things (IOT) convergent products and technologies in order to reduce energy costs and empower users. Tri Cascade has an extensive experience in wireless networking, energy management, business-to-business (B2B) and home automation, as well as device control systems. Now, the subsidiary company is focused on providing leading edge wireless Internet and machine-to-machine wireless innovations to commercial and residential markets.


Saddle Ranch Media Inc (OTCMKTS:SRMX) is tapping into the 4G/LTE market, and its new innovative communication device could disrupt the current communications industry. Moreover, it could potentially making routers, satellite dishes, modems and media boxes obsolete in the near future. The company is taking advantage of its ability to simultaneously bridge both fiber/cable internet connection with 4G/LTE. That said, SkyFidelity could take some market share from its competitors, such as Time Warner, Comcast and Spectrum.



According to the company, the features and benefits of its IoT Ultimate Gateway Hub include: all in one 4G/LTE Modem/802.11ac Router; ability to extend to 5G; portability; simplified installation; capable of support 175 MbPS in 4G/LTE; and ability to provide redundant internet connection with fiber/cable internet connection and 4G/5G.


Saddle Ranch Media Inc noted that its market opportunities include:



  • “Tri Cascade intends to partner with major Telecom providers to offer a fixed broad band service using 4G/LTE network as a replacement for cable users. SKiQ’s target audience includes over 147 million wireless customers and 15.6 million internet connections in service. Nearly 400 million people in U.S. and Mexico will be able to access the internet via SKiQ’s 4G/LTE network.
  • Over 40 Million people in the U.S. lack access to the internet due to the absence of a cable or fiber service. SkiQ has the capability to be the sole non-satellite provider of internet using its proprietary 4G/LTE technology.
  • Tri Cascade’s proprietary SKiQ Networking capabilities will offer Satellite Television Providers with replacement delivery solutions to dish mounted satellite delivery of television content. No installation required and satellite service could be relocated at no additional costs. Lower customer acquisition costs (currently $3,500 per customer) would provide Satellite Television Providers with lower cost market penetration with better pricing. The US Market alone could provide over 46 million SkiQ customers.
  • SKiQ is the only portable router capable of providing high speed internet via 4G/LTE to Recreational Vehicle (RV) users, Campsites and Boat owners who lack access to terrestrial internet connections. With over 25 million people participating annually in RV, Camping and Boating activities in the U.S., SKiQ’s dominant technology should deliver millions of customers from this sector alone.”


Source: Marketwired

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