Freeze Tag, Inc (OTCMKTS:FRZT) Brings a Classic Cartoon into the Modern Age


Everyone has heard of Garfield the cat. Author and creator Jim Davis launched the iconic Garfield comics just a shade under four decades ago, and the lasagna-loving feline has been a big time franchise ever since. Freeze Tag, Inc (OTCMKTS:FRZT) and partners, have teamed up on an officially licensed augmented reality game featuring the sassy orange cat.

Garfield GO is a free-to-play, augmented reality treasure hunting game which operates on a similar concept to the wildly popular Pokemon GO game. In Garfield GO, players search for hidden treasures in their own neighborhood. With the help of 3D Garfield, players can discover coins in the map view, which reflects their surroundings. Once a coin is identified, players enter “Augmented Reality” mode to search for the exact location of the treasure.

Freeze Tag, Inc (OTCMKTS:FRZT) just launched the game in June, and already, it has expanded the “play area” from North America, into Europe and the UK, and provided a key update to game, which is available on both the Apple and Google Play app stores.

According to Freeze Tag management, millions of data points have been recorded since the launch of Garfield GO on June 13th. Freeze Tag reviews many components including chests opened, food baked, the level reached, comics collected, trinkets redeemed, in-app purchases completed, prizes won, and many more. All of these elements are analyzed to understand where and when players are spending coins within the game’s economy.

Player feature requests are also considered as new functionality is in development. For example, many players have asked for a way to open chests without physically traveling to the coins on the map. The next update will contain a special booster that will allow the player to play without moving from one location to the next. Several other major features including a food store overhaul will be included in this next update. (Source: Accesswire)

So it is certainly encouraging that the company seems committed to actively developing the game and fine tuning it for maximum playability and profitability. It’s a refreshing departure from the average lazy game release you see so often, which is essentially a one-off cash grab, with the controllers having no intention of improving the product. FRZT appears to be all-in on Garfield GO along with partner, Munzee.


In fact, the two entities have decided to merge Freeze Tag and Munzee in an all-stock transaction. The transaction is expected to close in late 2017. The combined company will retain the Freeze Tag name and continue to trade under the “FRZT” stock symbol.

Craig Holland, CEO of Freeze Tag, commented, “After working closely together for nearly a year, we both realized that combining our individual strengths into one entity will create a powerful force in location-based gaming going forward.”

Central to the combined company’s core strategy is capitalizing on two fast-growing trends in the mobile applications world: Augmented reality gaming and location-based advertising. The combined company’s proprietary technology and expertise can be leveraged to create more exciting augmented reality location-based games that can serve as a location-based advertising network. (Source: Marketwired)

So it appears that not only can we look forward to the continued development of Garfield GO, but also the potential for other titles down the road as well, so we’ll definitely want to stay on top of FRZT moving forward. Stay locked to Street Register for updates, and we’ll deliver important developments on FRZT as they unfold. In the meantime, if you’ve yet to sign up for our 100% free newsletter, do so now! Just enter your active email address into the box below and submit!

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