Several New Developments on Dewmar International BMC Inc (OTCMKTS:DEWM)


Dewmar International BMC Inc (OTCMKTS:DEWM) has been a topic of discussion here on Street Register a couple of times in as many weeks, and in addition to making nearly a 100% push to the upside, the company continues to roll out new information.

We try to keep our readers informed of any relevant developments that might occur in the stocks that we mention, and in the case of DEWM there have been a number of them in just the past week.

First it was reported that Dewmar International BMC Inc (OTCMKTS:DEWM) CEO, Dr. Marco Moran has been appointed as a Board Member of the Minority Cannabis Business Association (“MCBA”). The MCBA is the first non-profit organization created specifically to increase inclusion and equity for minorities and other underserved groups in the cannabis industry. Their mission is to increase participation and economic empowerment for entrepreneurs, their patients and consumers, and the communities most negatively impacted by the war on drugs.

“Although every aspect of the MCBA resonates with me as a young African-American business leader, my primary areas of interest where I believe that I can be most beneficial in promoting the cause of MCBA is with Economic Empowerment and Patient/Practitioner Awareness,” said Dr. Moran. (Source: Marketwired)


DEWM’s Nevada-based cannabis subsidiary, United States Hemp Corporation, then announced it has created its own wholly-owned subsidiary by the name of Cannabis Intellectual Property Holdings, LLC in order to protect a number of medical cannabis intellectual property assets.

Now this week we’ve learned that Dr. Derrick Brooks, M.D. who currently serves as a Board Member for DEWM, is a contributing author to an application to assist a Louisiana company in the execution and pursuit of a contract to be named the sole operator of a Medical Marijuana Cultivation and Production Facility Operator for Southern University A&M.

As a company, Dewmar International identified a critical area of intellectual property that they believe can secure several of the largest healthcare markets existing in the country today to share with Dr. Brooks to help Southern University monetize its cannabis research and development plan.

Dr. Brooks said, “My focus will be in general cannabis therapeutic dosing for pain management; while medical director Dr. Donisha Dunn-Lombard’s focus will be on psychiatry, PTSD and pain. Dr. Ato Wright will focus on various types of cancer and oncology therapies. Our unique team of local physicians was organized by the Dewmar International executive staff.”  (Source: Marketwired)

Of course we can’t forget about the fact that the company has recently come current on its filings, as well as signing a licensing agreement with KW Brands, LLC of Louisiana for the purpose of operating Willie’s Duck Diner. Willie’s Duck Diner is owned by Willie Robertson, the star of A&E’s “Duck Dynasty.”

So not only have members of the DEWM team been ingratiating and integrating themselves into the cannabis community, but the company also has other promising irons in the fire as well, with a stock that has shown the ability to make significant moves over a short time period. That’s exactly why we’ve caught onto following the DEWM story and will continue to do so moving forward. Stay locked to Street Register for updates, and we’ll deliver important developments on DEWM as they unfold. In the meantime, if you’ve yet to sign up for our 100% free newsletter, do so now! Just enter your active email address into the box below and submit!

Disclosure: No one at Street Register has been compensated in any way for the publishing of this article, nor do we hold any position in DEWM stock, short or long.