EMS Find Inc (OTCMKTS:EMSF) Shares Spiking Hard Once Again


EMS Find Inc (OTCMKTS:EMSF) is a stock with a recent history of making significant swings to the upside, and this week, we are witnessing yet another such move on the chart.

It comes just a few weeks removed from the last big move, as well as a major development for the company that we wanted to make sure our readers were aware of.

At the end of last month, EMS Find Inc (OTCMKTS:EMSF) (which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Paradigm Group, announced the integration of its on-demand medical transportation application with Lyft® platform. The new feature expands ride sharing options available to the users of the EMS Find App, designed to assist health care providers, patients and their family members with arranging non-emergency transportation to and from medical care facilities, procedures and appointments.

With the current Lyft® integration now in place, EMS Find’s users will be able to set up rides nationwide, where Lyft® operates, simply by clicking on the Lyft® button from the transport request screen of the EMS Find App. When EMS Find’s user selects on Demand Transport and Lyft®, the App will connect the user to the screen to start the reservation process, including an option to get an estimated cost of the ride and to track transport in real time. The Lyft® platform offers the user who does not require a specialized medical transportation an affordable option to book a ride to the primary appointment or from the medical procedure, in a timely and efficient manner.

“Our platform provides health care plans and providers an effective all in one solution to manage the non-emergency transportation needs of their members. In addition, this integration with Lyft® provides an additional transport option for patients who require basic transportation, but do not need the services of an ambulance or other higher level of care,” said Steve Rubakh, CEO of Paradigm Group, Inc.

EMS Find’s integration with Lyft® comes on the heels of a newly launched 888.RIDE.SHARE portal focused on assisting seniors with their transportation needs. Driven by listening to providers’ feedback, EMS Find’s core functionality makes it easier to connect in real time with medical transportation companies, to set up medical transport for health care providers, patients, and their family members. The patent pending functionality is currently being tested in the pilot program with major heath care plans and the collaboration with EpicMD, LLC, the Miami-based strategic software partner and medical transportation provider.

Paradigm Group, Inc  is a diversified holding company that acquires, invests and operates revenue generating companies , including EMSF. Paradigm is focused on implementing unique business strategies, creating liquidity through asset based infrastructure, supporting and improving operations, infusing an additional growth capital, maintaining and expanding a market presence in their niche sectors, while constantly enhancing this process by a multitude of initiatives.

The EMS Find App is the industry’s first, on-demand transportation platform, that connects health care providers and consumers with the closest medical transportation providers for the benefit of the patients. The platform enables healthcare providers and patients to schedule medical transportation in timely and efficient manner, based on the type of medical transportation which best fits each patient’s needs.  (Source: PR Newswire)

The fact that a partnership with such a big name in ride sharing exists in and of itself makes the EMSF story worthy of following in our opinion. Want to keep up with developments on EMSF? Stay locked on StreetRegister.com and be sure you’re signed up for our 100% free smallcap newsletter. Simply enter your primary active email address in the box below! Subscribe now!


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