A Productive Month for Garmatex Holdings Ltd (OTCMKTS:GRMX)


The month of April has thus far been productive for Garmatex Holdings Ltd (OTCMKTS:GRMX), which has released two key updates so far pertaining to its stable of scientifically-engineered fabric technologies that it undertook last month.

The Company holds a non-exclusive Master Sublicense Agreement with Garmatex Technologies, Inc, whereby it was granted various intellectual property rights related to the design, development and manufacturing of various scientifically-engineered fabric technologies and performance technologies, including a patented T3® design, Bact-Out®, CoolSkin®, WarmSkin®, Kottinu™, ColdSkin™, SteelSkin™, Satinu™, CamoSkin™, RecoverySkin™, SlimSkin™, AbsorbSkin™ and IceSkin™. The Company commenced operations for this business on March 8, 2017.

Garmatex Holdings Ltd (OTCMKTS:GRMX) plans to provide performance fabric solutions in virtually every sector that has textile applications. Its primary strategy is to deploy its performance fabrics as a premium ingredient brand, similar to Gore-Tex® in the outerwear market, or akin to Intel® in the computer space.

The first April update was pertaining to the two year Trademark and Technology License with Trusst Lingerie (“Trusst”), the Pittsburgh based designer of bras for fuller-busted women utilizing BAST™ technology, their patent-pending support system. Garmatex Kottinu® will be incorporated as a liner into every Trusst bra.


Trusst Founder and CEO Sophia Berman said, “Technology is extremely important to us because it is really at the foundation of everything we do. We knew that in order to create a better bra, we would need to use more cutting-edge technology than has previously been used in the lingerie industry. We also think it helps us stand out from many other companies in our industry and is the reason we have been able to innovate on such a unique solution.”

Berman continued, “Ensuring that customers are not only supported but also comfortable is the key to future success of the Trusst brand. Months of searching, prototyping and testing were spent prior to settling on the final Garmatex fabrics for their bras. We vetted dozens of companies and Garmatex’s products, mission and price points were, as a combination, much better than anything else we have found and their fabrics have really helped us mold our designs into products that women are excited to put on their bodies.” (Source: Accesswire)

This week came another revelation regarding one of GRMX’s fabric technologies. Garmatex proprietary cooling fabric IceSkin™ is the first choice for California based running apparel company BOA (Built On Athletics).

BOA is expected to introduce a line of men’s and women’s running apparel using proprietary Garmatex IceSkin™ fabric to be launched in mid-2017. IceSkin™ combines Jade infused cooling technology with Garmatex Bact-Out™ Anti-Microbial, lightning fast moisture transport, and UV protection.

Jeff Fleming of BOA was quoted, “We are always looking for new state of the art fabrics to ensure our customer has the best product available, and GTI has raised the bar. Having state of the art products are key to stay ahead of the pack and offer the best products. We were trying to find the answer to controlling body temperature to ensure peak performance at all times. So we tested this fabric on athletes running in the deserts of Arizona in temperatures exceeding 110 degrees and also in East Cape, Baja where temperatures were in the upper 90’s with 95% humidity. The cooling properties of this fabric made the runner feel like he was wearing his own personal air conditioning system.”

GTI’s President and CEO, Darren Berezowski, says, “Its great to see that athletic apparel companies like BOA are validating the cutting edge technologies being innovated by GTI.” (Source: Accesswire)

With such a head of steam building up in terms of the company’s execution of its plans for its fabric tech lines, we would be remiss not to keep up with happenings over at GRMX. We’ll stay on top of things, and all you need to do is be sure you’re signed up for our free smallcap newsletter by submitting your email into the box below!

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