Recent Developments in Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) Could Trigger a Rebound


Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) shares have been beaten up recently, but this may have an uncovered an opportunity, after some recent developments the company has had. If you’ve never heard of Hemp Inc, you could probably guess that it operates in the hemp industry. Hemp Inc is a forward-thinking, publicly-traded company primarily focused on conducting business sustainably, in a socially responsible manner. The company is a leader in the industrial hemp industry with ownership of the largest commercial multi-purpose North American industrial hemp processing facility. Let’s move onto some recent developments the company has had.


Hemp Inc recently reported that Florida legislators could ease restrictions on industrial hemp research. That could mean more potential business for the company in the future. Now, according to the Florida State Senate, house bill 1217 , which “authorizes specified universities in state to engage in industrial hemp research projects” has been “pending review of CS under Rule 7.18(c)”. Now, Representative Ralph Massullo, who was a sponsor of the bill, indicated that industrial hemp could be a practical crop option for industry-starved rural areas. Massullo noted hemp could “even surpass oranges.” That in mind, under proposed law, “universities could see how Florida’s climate affects the plant and what market there is for the byproducts.”


Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) Chief Executive Officer stated, “Florida has been cautious when it comes to hemp since the government banned it alongside marijuana. This is why we continually educate the public on the difference between hemp and marijuana. Industrial hemp has absolutely no recreational applications. It only has medical and industrial applications. You can’t get high on hemp if you wanted to. It is impossible. While the plants are closely related, hemp has only very small traces of THC.”


Now, Hemp Inc may have first-mover advantage in this industry. Its commercial, large scale, 70K square foot processing facility is the only one of this size in the entire western hemisphere. That said, if more and more consumers shift to hemp, Hemp Inc could tap into the large market. Consequently, this could potentially increase its revenues and earnings, and in turn, this could cause HEMP to rebound.

Moving on, that’s not the only positive news the company had recently. Hemp Inc recently had a sold out, educational symposium through the company’s Hemp University, which may indicate that consumers could be looking to use hemp.

According to Aubree Arias, CEO and Founder of Ecofy along with his partner Rick Rainbolt who produced The Hemp University event, were impressed with the inaugural event. Arias stated, “We had 100 people attend our inaugural event from 14 states. Our speakers were phenomenal in every way.”


Hemp Inc COO David Schmitt noted, “This was an absolutely wonderful, successful event filled with valuable information for any landowner or farmer interested in growing hemp. The delivery was exceptional and we will continue to facilitate this type of information sharing. I honestly could not imagine a better facilitated event. Our team did an awesome job, going above and beyond the call of duty.”


According to Hemp Inc CEO Bruce Perlowin, “This educational symposium served as an extension of The Hemp University’s educational platform, providing a face-to face environment that offered peer-to-peer networking and four breakout sessions in a single day…We were fortunate to have such a great community of those interested in growing hemp and we valued all of their feedback.”


Again, these recent developments in the company and the industry could cause HEMP to rise. If you want to stay up to date on HEMP, but don’t want to stare at computer screens all day, you might want to subscribe to our free newsletter. All you need to do is provide us with your emails, and thereafter, we’ll send you updates, if any, on HEMP.