TimefireVR, Inc. (OTCMKTS:TFVR) is in the Right Space at the Right Time


It isn’t often that you run across a company with aspirations to be a cultural innovator, but in a sense, that’s just what TimefireVR, Inc. (OTCMKTS:TFVR) is attempting to do, with the help of the digital experience revolution that is Virtual Reality (VR).

TFVR is a game development studio, which is actively developing a virtual reality platform for a world of entertainment, social media, commerce, cultural immersion, and entertainment for interactive experiential learning.

TimefireVR, Inc. (OTCMKTS:TFVR intends for its claim to fame to be Hypatia, a curated virtual reality destination metaverse of massive scale, in development for over two years and influenced from some of the most visited cities in the world, including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Venice, Paris, London and New York. The platform seems to combine elements similar to that of massively popular online game communities like Second Life, and Minecraft with the added twist of having its users access and interact with the world in virtual reality. According to TFVR, its premise is built upon five pillars of functionality; Cultural Immersion, Entertainment, Commerce, Social Interaction, and Education.

Last month brought the initial enrollment for the alpha testing of the Hypatia virtual reality platform. Alpha testing is the first round of software development in which anyone but the developers themselves have access to the product.

In a controlled testing environment of approximately 200 users from all over the United States, the alpha tests will promote the platforms social capabilities and represent the first time virtual interaction between users sitting in multiple locations occurs on this scale.


Mr. John Wise, Founder and President of TimefireVR, added, “In the earliest days of VR I had a vision to create a social space where people could interact and explore a world of art and culture. The alpha launch of Hypatia is a giant leap forward in the culmination of this multi-year effort. We will be evaluating the results of this test phase, as we get ready for a wider release shortly after completion of this stage. Our team of 30 have invested thousands of hours to build a truly magical environment where social interaction and creativity will elevate VR to being a learning opportunity that engages the user through an experience never seen before.”

Mr. Jeffrey Rassás, Co-Founder and CEO, stated, “Here at the dawn of VR the industry heavyweights such as Oculus/Facebook, Samsung, HTC/Valve, and soon Microsoft are looking for the compelling content that can launch VR into the homes of millions. We believe our efforts with Hypatia may be exactly what the market is looking for. Our alpha will feature approximately 15 hours of content followed by over 40 hours of social interaction, entertainment, commerce, and educational content launching later this year. Hypatia is a unique product that has years of development already behind it standing ready as the growth trajectory of VR headsets become more affordable and move into mainstream adoption.” (Source: Marketwired)

To learn more you can also view a demo video of the Hypatia Virtual Reality City at TimeFireVR.com/Hypatia.

The next logical step would be Beta testing, a more involved process with more test users, in which a developer begins to go over potential bugs and desired changes with a fine-toothed comb. While there’s no word yet of when that might happen, as the company noted, there has been a recent flux of updates to VR technology as a whole, and we’re sure they will have no trouble getting as many participants as required, with a public that is hungry for virtual reality content.

So the story with TFVR is still in its early stages, as is the testing on the Hypatia VR City, but it’s a rather unique story that we’re interesting in following. You can follow along with TFVR with us by making sure you’re subscribed to the Street Register mailing list. Submit your email into the box below to receive updates on TFVR.