InCapta Inc (OTCMKTS: INCT) Up Big Recently After Announcing Its Plan to Produce a News Program


You’ve probably heard of fake news recently. However, not all news is fake, and InCapta Inc (OTCMKTS:INCT) is one media holding company that has had some developments that could push it higher. Now, the stock was up over 15% in one day after it received some good news, regarding a plan to produce a breaking news program in 2017. In this information age, it’s necessary that users get their news on time and stay on top of things, and InCapta Inc could help with people do that.


InCapta, Inc is a publicly-traded company, formerly known as TBC Global News Network, Inc. The company is a media holding company that primarily works with clients in order to develop, operate and market Online Cloud Television Networks and other entertainment projects. InCapta Inc participates in various fields of online business models by providing executive-level managerial assistance and arranging for clients online presence through social media.


InCapta Inc (OTCMKTS:INCT) recently announced it plans to produce a new TV news show, which would be entitled “InCapta News. AKA IN”. In fact, the company would work in association with Mancuso Martin Productions, Leading Edge Radio TV and Leading Edge Radio Network. That said, Hollywood actor Nick Mancuso would periodically host select news and entertainment programs, which would also include InCapta’s President, Greg Martin. Consequently, this could increase viewers, and potentially lead to more revenues for the company. That in mind, this news program is expected to begin some time in 2017, and would feature political, crime, sports, law enforcement and breaking news.


If you have not heard of Nick Mancuso, he’s had a four decade career and he starred in multiple movies and TV shows. Consequently, he has the experience and starpower to potentially take the news show to the next level.


President of InCapta Inc Greg Martin stated, “Breaking News, Politics, Entertainment and Law Enforcement News are all very much in high demand and we intend to satisfy the insatiable need to know appetites which those who wish to stay informed care most about in the news business.”


Now, this was not the only good news the company had recently. InCapta Inc also announced the use of private drones in news reporting in association with the World Drone Recreation Aviators Club recently. Consequently, this could be another potential revenue stream for the company.


That in mind, InCapta Inc Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) John Fleming stated, “With the use of drones expanding exponentially, it makes great business sense to exploit these opportunities, particularly in the news and media business by making use of drone reporting. The WDRA is looking for local reporters or folks who have interesting news to share it.”


Moreover InCapta Inc also announced, not too long ago, that it was planning to produce a new automobile TV show called “Car Flip Guys”. The TV show is expected to start in 2017, and would feature tips and live buying and selling of cars for profit. The plans call for the program to initially be streamed on YouTube until a TV channel or cable agreement could be negotiated. This new show is catered to young adults ranging from 14 to 18 years of age, and could potentially increase revenue for the company.


INCT has been down over 85% recently, and it looks like it could start to rebound off of these recent developments. Moving on, you might want to keep an eye on this stock for any news developments because it could continue to rebound after some new catalysts. You could stay up to date, and not continuously track news on INCT, by simply signing up to our free newsletter. All you have to do is enter your email, and we’ll send you any developments on INCT.