Good News For Viaderma Inc (OTCMKTS:VDRM) and it Could Continue its Recent Rise


Viaderma Inc (OTCMKTS:VDRM) received some good news recently, after it received provisional patent numbers for its U.S. Food and Drug Administration-registered Viabecline and Cannabis Technologies. VDRM could extend its meteoric rise, after being up over 800% recently off of this news.


ViaDerma Inc is a publicly-traded company in the specialty pharmaceutical space. The company is committed to bringing new products to market. Additionally, it licenses its innovative technology to the current leaders in the pharmaceutical industry in an array of therapeutic areas. ViaDerma’s lead product, Viabecline, uses an innovative transdermal delivery method, allowing for the application of active ingredients in a topical form. This innovative dual carrier transdermal technology could be applied in products within the medical and cosmetic markets. Moreover, as stated earlier, it received patent numbers for the combination of CBD and THC with the delivery system. Now, the company uses CBD to potentially reduce inflammation, as well as treating several diseases, such as, nicotine addiction, fibromyalgia, Crohn’s disease, schizophrenia, migraine headaches, pain management for cancer and Multiple Sclerosis.


Moving on, Viaderma Inc (OTCMKTS:VDRM) President Dr. Christopher Otiko received Provisional Patent numbers for two of its patents pending. The Provisional Patent ##62466209 was given to the delivery method of cannabis to the body through the application of the medication topically. Now, the second provisional patent #62433964 was given to the enhanced antibiotic and drug delivery for “Aqueous Topical Applications” for both human and veterinary uses. That in mind, Viaderma Inc is also looking to expand its intellectual property portfolio in 2017.


The company also recently signed a letter of intent (LOI) to work with a Canadian-based investment group that has expertise in distributing anticipated and new products. The Canadian-based investment group aims to target sales for the new patent-pending products to countries that have laws allowing medicinal and recreational use of cannabis products and technologies delivering THC and CBD.


Viaderma Inc President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) stated, “We are also continuing the clinical testing stages of an anti-aging topical solution, a topical pain medication, a topical for male-pattern baldness, and a topical designed to boost male libido. The market for our many products is very promising. We are enthusiastic about the results we have achieved to date in terms of the anecdotal feedback we have received from the medical community.”


Viaderma CEO will also be attending the Diabetic Foot Global Conference to present a poster, based on seven years of research on treating patients with Viabecline. When speaking on the company’s product, Dr. Otiko stated, “In recent studies, Viabecline has been more than 96% effective in healing diabetic foot ulcers within 4 weeks. This effect is more pronounced in more severe wounds, and the effect is the same whether the wound is infected or not…Our goal is to have Viabecline added to all diabetic foot ulcer treatment protocols.”


In addition to this recent news, ViaDerma Inc also hired a product rollout expert in order to manage quality control labeling, distribution and marketing of its “Go to Market” product line launch. The company hired Ivan Klarich, who has over 20 years of experience in product rollout and go-to-market strategies. Moreover, Klarich also has experience with U.S. Food and Drug Administration registration process and compliant manufacturers.


ViaDerma’s recent developments could further propel its stock price. We saw the stock spike up over 800% in just three months recently, and its receipt of two provisional patent numbers for two of its patent numbers is just one catalyst that could push the stock higher. Now, VDRM should have some more company news soon, and you might want to stay on top of this name cause it could run even higher. You don’t have to stare at your computer screens or be on your phone checking on any developments in VDRM. That’s only if you subscribe to our free newsletter by entering your email below, and we’ll let you know of any material developments on VDRM as they become publicly available.