Here’s Why V GROUP INC COM USD0.0001(OTCMKTS:VGID) More Than Tripled


V GROUP INC COM USD0.0001(OTCMKTS:VGID) shares were up nearly 35% in one day recently. It extended its meteoric rise to over 500% over the past month. Additionally, it was up over 4,000% recently. V Group Inc is a publicly-traded company the seeks to develop a high-quality and innovative beverage lineup.


V Group is committed to providing the the best in cutting edge beverage products, aimed at a constantly evolving consumer base. V Group is also devoted to taking advantage of a unique and readily available distribution base. V Group is poised to design the next evolution in the beverage market. V Group’s mission is to develop, create and market the best beverage products available to the consumer. Moreover, V Group Inc looks to assemble a team of professionals with a proven track record of success both in and out of the beverage industry.


V GROUP INC COM USD0.0001(OTCMKTS:VGID) indicated in a press release last week that it entered into an agreement with one leading developer and seller of CBD products. The company is looking to develop and market high-quality CBD beverages, and the new CBD beverage line would be called A.N.D CBD. That said, this new beverage line would be available in two flavors, which would be sold under the name CBD Fire and CBD. Now, those beverages would contain vitamins, antioxidants and an effective amount of CBD. Moreover, the company’s CBD Fire would include both ginseng and guarana, which would give an energy boost for those who need to stay focused and either work or study.


On the other hand, CBD Cool is catered more to those who are looking to relax. This drink provides a dose of Melatonin, a sleep aid that our body naturally produces. This would help with relaxation, stress relief and falling asleep easier.


In other company news, V Group Inc’s incubation partner Fernhill Beverage Inc announced FINRA approved its corporate action. Fernhill Beverage, Inc (OTCMKTS: FHBC) recently announced the approval of the distribution of Fernhill Beverage shares to V GROUP INC COM USD0.0001 shareholders. The process was long and exhausting, but FINRA published the approval of the corporate action, ultimately.


Fernhill Beverage Inc is a fast growing beverage start-up company primarily focused on a younger target market. The company’s first beverage, Road Kill, has been accepted by kkids and Fernhill is planning to extend that brand.


Now, if you are or were a VGID shareholder as of June 10, 2016, you would be entitled to shares in Fernhill Beverage Inc. (FHBC). The payment would be 10 to 1. In other words, for every 10 shares of VGID, an eligible VGID shareholders would receive 1 share of FHBC.


According to V Group Inc President and Chief Executive Officer Larry Twombly, “”This process has been frustrating at best…We were hoping this process would have been faster and far less extensive. We knew that this had to get completed at all costs. We felt that it was not only mutually beneficial for the Companies involved, but simply put, it was the right thing to do.”


VGID recently entered into a partnership, which may have been one of the reasons for the stock’s meteoric rise recently. Now, with this new partnership V Group Inc is responsible for developing and manufacturing of the brand. Moreover, FINRA recently approved the corporate action between FHBC and VGID, which could have been the other catalyst that attributed to the company’s strong rise. This stock could continue its rise if we see another positive catalyst. Now, you could stay up to date on VGID and any potential news developments by signing up to our 100% free newsletter. The only thing you have to do is enter your email, and we’ll send you any updates on VGID as they come.