Shares of iHeartMedia Inc (OTCMKTS: IHRT) Were Up over 40% in One Day Recently, and Here’s Why


IHeartMedia Inc (OTCMKTS: IHRT) has been outperforming significantly outperforming its industry of broadcasting – radio. The company outperformed its industry by over 25% recently, and the iHeartMedia Inc could continue to rise after these recent developments were released.

IHeartMedia Inc. is the parent company of iHeartCommunications Inc., one of the leading global media and entertainment companies. IheartMedia Inc primarily specializes in radio, digital, outdoor, mobile, social, live events, on-demand entertainment and information services for local communities, and uses its unparalleled national reach to target both nationally and locally on behalf of its advertising partners.

IHeartMedia Inc (OTCMKTS: IHRT) is dedicated to using the most up-to-date technology solutions in order to transform the company’s products and services for the benefit of its consumers, communities, partners and advertisers, and its outdoor business reaches over 35 countries, across five continents.

The company recently announced private offers to holders of its five series of priority guarantee notes and senior notes due in 2021 to exchange those notes for new securities in relation to the proposed global restructuring of iHeartCommunications Inc. The exchange offers and the consent solicitations for each issue of the existing notes are set to expire on April 14, 2017 at 5:00 PM ET. Moreover, the amount and type of the securities that would be issued at the closing of the exchange offers depends on the participation rate and the term loan offers.


In addition to this exchange offer, iHeartMedia recently introduced SmartAudio, the company’s new audio digital data advertising product for broadcast radio. SmartAudio is a digital data advertising product and an added feature for the company’s innovative programmatic solution. SmartAudio leverages iHeartMedia’s programmatic solution in order to help advertisers plan, purchase and evaluate broadcast ratio, enabling companies to potentially build innovative campaigns to their specified target audience segments.

That said, SmartAudio could provide brands and companies with efficient and effective ways to hit their audience. IHeartMedia could now datamine from over 95M registered iHeartRadio listeners, as well as leading digital data from both second- and third-parties. Now, advertisers could utilize this new technology to potentially increase revenues.

According to iHeartMedia President of National Sales, Marketing and Partnerships Tim Castelli, “Broadcast radio has the unparalleled advantage of real-time connection with consumers, giving the ability for advertisers to reach enhanced audiences at scale, and even tailor their creative messages for real-time…We’ve been testing SmartAudio with some of the top brands and we’re already seeing additional impact for those using it. They’re able to leverage the product’s flexibility to decide which specific ad to run based on something as simple as whether the local sports team won or lost last night’s game.

Castelli continued, “We launched our programmatic platform with the specific goal of bringing the best resources, unprecedented accountability and speed to our advertising partners…Industry response to our SoundPoint platform has been so well received that we’re now unveiling SmartAudio which allows audience segmenting and dynamic creative capabilities all in one planning and buying tool.”

Senior Vice President of Media Strategy and Analytics at Discovery Communications stated, “SmartAudio allows us to easily sort through the millions of combinations of stations, shows, dayparts and markets, and hone in on the ones that best reach the audiences we care about…Combining the efficiency and scale of radio with data and advanced analytics of digital, moves iHeartMedia beyond the standard age and demo paradigm to create enhanced audience-based plans that drive real business outcomes for us.”

Therefore, iHeartMedia could receive a lot of demand for its new technology, since it could help companies better advertise to their markets. Moreover, IHRT will conduct an exchange offer soon, so you might want to stay up to date on the developing news. Sign up to our free newsletter below to receive more info on IHRT as it unfolds, all you have to do is simply enter your email address here.  It’s that simple.