Defense Technologies International Corp (OTCMKTS:DTII) Poised to Rise Under Trump Administration?


The U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis recently indicated that climate change is real, going against what President Trump said during his run for the presidential election. Mattis asserted that climate change is a threat to American interests and the Pentagon’s assets. That said, Trump is still in charge, and he’s looking to beef up defense, while cutting the budget for programs such as the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Education and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. That in mind, small cap stocks, such as Defense Technologies International Corp (OTCMKTS: DTII), in this space could potentially rise with this news.


This proposed spending boost could increase activity in the defense industry. The U.S. spending plan is set to release on Thursday, and the Pentagon could be the big winner of with a $54B boost to defense spending. White House economic adviser Gary Cohn stated, “Unfortunately, we have no alternative but to reinvest in our military and make ourselves a military power once again.”


Defense Technologies International Corp (OTCMKTS: DTII), formerly known as Canyon Gold Corp., is one defense company with that has products that could benefit the military. Defense Technologies International successfully demonstrated and tested its new Offender Alert Passive scan product. According to the company, “DTII Offender Alert Passive Scan is a portable scanning security device that uses the Earth’s magnetic fields to detect potential security threats. The Offender Alert Passive Scan is the only product of its kind that uses passive scanning …The Offender Alert Passive Scan also can link with a computer to give an instant view, using numbers or colors, of the threat area, which can then be transmitted to a handheld device for ease of use, threat tracking and neutralizing.”


The company’s Offender Alert Passive scan is a next generation walk-through detector scanning unit. Defense Technologies International has patented and trademarked its technology for detecting and identifying concealed threats, and it does not use X-rays to detect threats.


Defense Technologies International Corp has been been up over 700% in one month recently. Moreover, it returned over 2,000% in one week recently. Now, this move could be attributed to both the increased budget spending in defense, as well as its cancellation of its application for a reverse stock split. DTII previously filed a notification with FINRA, proposing a reverse stock split of its issued and outstanding common stock. However, due to some recent circumstances related to the company’s filing, the company did not pursue effectiveness of the reverse split.


Prior to this, Defense Technologies International announced a corporate restructuring of its company earlier this year. With the support of majority shareholders, the company intended to split its issued and common outstanding shares at a rate of 50-to-1.


Defense Technologies International Corp. CEO Merrill W. Moses stated, “We’re setting

ourselves up for what we believe could and should be the future. The future of our Schools, of our public venues, our private enclaves of business that we go to with the expectation of security. And hopefully the future of both small and large businesses everywhere, any business that enjoys some or any ‘foot traffic’. All being able to capitalize on this new 21st Century Technology. This technology will make us safer especially in the environments that demand safety… our schools and venues of entertainment, where each person has and declares the right to safe passage and enjoyment. Once again I hope all can observe our efforts to truly make a ‘difference’… and join us, all those who believe that a ‘Safer America’ is a safer World.”


The potential changes in the defense industry and increased spending could benefit stocks like Defense Technologies International Corp. DTII has been up over 2,000% recently, potentially due to its cancellation of its reverse stock split and the increased spending in the space. Stay up to date on any news on DTII by signing up for the free newsletter below. Just simply enter your email into the box, and you’re good to go to receive updates on this name.