Big Pop in Share Price for Advanced Environmental Petrolm Prdcr Inc (OTCMKTS:AEPP)


Advanced Environmental Petrolm Prdcr Inc (OTCMKTS:AEPP) woke up this week with a significantly large surge in share price and trading activity, despite not having issued an update on its operations in a few months, and being relatively thinly-traded up until recently.

AEPP is currently operating in Peru where it has a number of targets in the highly prospective Block 19 of the southern region of that country. The Company after completing a Technology Evaluation Agreement, will hold an exclusive license, which entitles it to explore and develop certain oil and gas properties known as “Block 19,” an area of 10,100 square km. According to the company’s Chief Technology Officer, the company can now instruct Chapman Petroleum (Engineers from Calgary, Alberta, Canada) to proceed on site to complete the 51-101 Petroleum Reserve Report for Block 19. It means AEPP is clear to proceed to manufacture and install the full Pilot Plant from their exclusive Technology supplier Pointsource Processing (PSP) for the extraction of gas and oil from Block 19.

Advanced Environmental Petrolm Prdcr Inc (OTCMKTS:AEPP) uses biodegradeable ‘nano-products’ to extract oil & gas from their constituent materials. In this fashion, the company claims to be able to produce not only quality product with less of a detriment to the environment, but the process also produces clean water as a by-product.

About Advanced Environmental Petroleum Producers, Inc.

AEPP (Advanced Environmental Petroleum Producers) is a public Oil & Gas company trading on the OTC-QB market. It developed an advanced environmental process for extracting Oil & Gas resources with minimal damage to the environment. The process allows the company to reinstate the ground as it develops to leave minimal to no scarring. The processed areas are converted into engineered farm land for the local communities. Over the past eight (8) years, PSP (Pointsource Processing) has spent in excess of USD$3 million in qualifying the natural resource deposit and is in the process to obtain a third party engineering report which estimates the proven resources of Oil & Gas. Development permits have been approved, the process engineering is under development and the plant design has been configured. The pilot plant quote has been completed for a three (3) month trial of production to meet the requirements of the 51-101 – Standards of Disclosure for Oil and Gas Activities.

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Independent Engineer’s Report on ‘Block-19’ Area

“In the nineteen area there are approximately 772km2 of outcrop rocks with good organic content which could be potential source rock for hydrocarbon generation. These sedimentary sequences are widely distributed in the nineteen area and extend into the subsurface and to the south and southeast of the area.

The area is located near to major waterways, roads, and great capacity electric power to facilitate the exploration and exploitation of conventional and unconventional hydrocarbons. “ – Alejandro Martin Rosado Bejarano – Consultant Geologist Hydrocarbon Exploration

Truthfully, AEPP doesn’t generally fit the profile of a stock that puts us on the edge of our seat, given that it has a minuscule market value of less than $2 million, and a spotty track record in terms of liquidity. Having said that, it has a tight share structure with just 28.3M shares in the float (a/o 01/13/17) and the huge surge in activity this week is sure to draw some attention to this play. It’s also attractive that they have a process which extracts natural oil & gas deposits in a more environmentally friend manner than traditional fracking. Keep track of AEPP with Street Register. If you haven’t yet signed up for our 100% free, no-strings newsletter, do so now! It’s as easy as entering your email address into the box below and hitting Subscribe Now!