Wanderport Corp. (OTCMKTS:WDRP) Has Hands in Multiple Cannabis Sector Niches


We might be starting to sound like a broken record here at Street Register in terms of praising the recent gains within the cannabis space, yet the record plays on today with Wanderport Corp. (OTCMKTS:WDRP). It’s our duty to stick to hottest market sectors and subsectors, and there can be no doubt that cannabis has been one of the top stories of 2017 so far.

The second wave of the ‘Green Rush’ which initially began around 2014, kicked into gear this past fall in anticipation of the sweeping changes to states’ marijuana policies that would come with November’s elections. Now well into the new year, we have seen a resurgence in the interest and activity surrounding the space.

Wanderport Corp. (OTCMKTS:WDRP) focuses on developing products made of hemp. For the uninitiated, hemp is the male cannabis plant, while marijuana is the female. Only female cannabis plants produce psychoactive compounds, thus regulation of hemp products pales in comparison, and offers infinitely fewer legal and jurisdictional hurdles. Furthermore, the beneficial substance cannabidiol (CBD) can still be obtained from hemp, as well as the vital fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6.


About Wanderport Corp.

Wanderport Corporation is a development-stage company. The Company is a distributor of food, beverages and consumer products made with hemp. The Company’s products include Sapa Coffee, Cannabissimo Coffee, CBD Nectars, DuBe Energy Shot, and Cannabios and Trompetol Body Care. Sapa Coffee are coffee beans sourced from Central and South America, grounded and blended with roasted hemp hearts. Cannabissimo Coffee is a flavored blend of hemp seeds and roasted ground coffee beans. The CBD Nectars offering includes vape liquids, oil and tinctures. DuBe Energy Shot is a hemp infused energy shot. Cannabios includes cannabinoid-based body care products on the market. The Cannabios line consists of balm, shampoo, shower gel, massage oil, sun screen and baby lotions enriched with hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD). Trompetol lotions and skin care creams offer a serum without any artificial coloring, dyes or toxic perfumes. Trompetol EXTRA is designed to address muscle and joint issues.

Wanderport ‘Wanders’ Into Interesting Market: CBD Coffee!

In addition to the various other products listed above, it is the hemp-derived CBD coffee that catches our eye as unique. Coffee is a huge industry, to the tune of $30B annually, and with such excitement surrounding anything cannabis related, it’s an idea that could really snowball. Especially, granted the fact Wanderport is headquartered in California, where recreational marijuana is now legal. It opens the door for the company to follow through with creating a coffee line infused with not only CBD, but THC, the active psychotropic compound in marijuana. That is a product that could really be considered a ‘game-changer, so we’re interested to follow the story closely.

Anna Seidman, CEO, said: “We are very happy with the feedback we have received on our coffee blends. It’s an exciting position to be in as we come to the threshold of a new age in the cannabis industry. Having taken the opportunity to develop a following in the standard coffee market enables us to generated momentum upon release of our specialty Hemp CBD coffees. We are already strategizing to meet demand as lucrative new venues open and demands rise.”  (Via: MarketWired)

We’ve been staying hot on the trail of the cannabis space as a whole, and WDRP is just one of myriad related plays that have caught our attention, in what can be characterized as a revival and continuation of 2014’s ‘Green Rush’. We’ll be keeping up with this, and many other such stocks here on StreetRegister.com, so be sure to stay tuned! In the meantime, sign up for our 100% free small cap newsletter right away- it couldn’t be any easier! Just enter your active address in the box below!