QuantumSphere, Inc. (OTCMKTS:QSIM) Kicks Off the Week with a Bang


QuantumSphere, Inc. (OTCMKTS:QSIM) has blasted off in recent sessions, with shares of QSIM stock exploding off of their recently recorded annual lows. The stock had indeed been going through an elongated period of hardship leading up to these events, yet that trend appears to be over for the time being.

Yesterday alone was a highly impressive outing for QSIM, as it hurtled its way from sub-penny values to more than two cents a share in the space of just half a session. The stock ran from a daily low of .0032 to an impressive high of .025. That worked out to a single-session rip of 681% on well over 25X the monthly average trading volume.

In addition to its positive activity on the chart, QuantumSphere, Inc. (OTCMKTS:QSIM) operates a business which is beneficial to the environment and our quality of life. Using its proprietary chemical process technology in ammonia production, which is a hundred-billion-dollar industry, the company can reduce operating costs and energy expenditure, resulting in maximized production.


About QuantumSphere, Inc.

For the thousands of highly inefficient chemical plants in operation today, producing nearly five hundred billion dollars of Ammonia, Methanol, and other basic chemicals annually, QuantumSphere, Inc. (QSI) has developed a high-performance catalyst technology which can significantly improve process efficiency and production output, resulting in greater revenue and profits for chemical plant operators. QSI’s patented process and superior catalyst enhancement technology offer a value proposition that could be worth billions to chemical plant owners and operators, globally.

QSI’s high surface area nano iron catalyst, product name: FeNIX, is designed for the $100 billion USD ammonia production industry. FeNIX, applied as a coating to standard commercial catalyst, delivers higher activity and overall conversion efficiency, which can increase ammonia plant output by 10-15% and decrease operating costs by allowing the plant to operate at lower temperatures and pressures.

QSI has also leveraged its intellectual property to develop advanced, high-efficiency catalysts for other key chemical markets, such as olefins and methanol ($300 billion USD and $50 billion USD markets, respectively) which are expected to follow FeNIX to commercialization. For more information, please visit www.qsinano.com

Why Ammonia?

What many might not realize, is that ammonia is a whole lot more than a household product, and its production is a staple of modern society. In fact, as much as half of the vital protein containing nutrients we consume could not be produced without the use of ammonia at some level of production.

According to the company, QuantumSphere’s lead product, FeNIX, has been commercially validated to reduce energy costs in the $100B ammonia industry. Ammonia is one of the world’s most critical industrial chemicals, with nearly 200 million tons in annual production. Over 80% of ammonia produced is used in agricultural fertilizers for global food production, indirectly supplying nearly 50% of all protein consumed by humans. The demand for ammonia is expected to increase as the global population rises. The production of ammonia is an energy-intensive process that is responsible for approximately 5% of annual global natural gas consumption.

Commercial validation tests conducted in 2015 demonstrated a 10% to 15% increase in catalytic activity and production output directly attributable to the use of QuantumSphere’s FeNIX catalyst technology with no modifications to the ammonia production facilities. (Via: AccessWire)

In the midst of a run on the chart that, in and of itself, would be worthy of note, we’re also seeing a win-win situation with the technology of QuantumSphere. Lowered energy requirements for industrial production of vital chemicals makes for good business, but it also lowers the output of industrial waste, and in turn helps everyone. We’re keen to keep up with the story on QSIM as it unfolds here on Street Register. Stay tuned for future updates on this, and many other interesting stocks. Be sure you’re subscribed to our 100% smallcap newsletter. Just enter your email in the box below and get signed up today!