Trading the News: ACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:ACAD), NewLink Genetics Corporation (NASDAQ:NLNK)



ACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:ACAD) lost -0.31% by the end of recent close at $32.3. For the ongoing quarter, the 9 Wall Street analysts providing adjusted earnings per share outlook have a consensus estimate of $-$0.42/share, which would compare with $-$0.4 in the year-ago quarter. The percentage change in the price over the last fifty two weeks remained -9.93%. The price range in those 52 weeks had a highest hit of $51.99 while lowest level in that period was $16.64. Latest closing price was 27.62% above its 50-day moving average and -1.18% below its 200-day moving average.

ACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ACAD) on April 29, 2016 announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved NUPLAZID (pimavanserin) for the treatment of hallucinations and delusions associated with Parkinson’s disease psychosis. In 2014, the FDA designated NUPLAZID as a Breakthrough Therapy for this condition.

NUPLAZID is the first and only medicine to be approved by the FDA for this indication. NUPLAZID is also the only drug approved by the FDA that preferentially targets 5-HT2A receptors. These receptors are thought to play an important role in Parkinson’s disease psychosis. The unique pharmacology of NUPLAZID establishes a new class of drug – selective serotonin inverse agonists (SSIA) – by not only preferentially targeting 5-HT2A receptors but also avoiding activity at dopamine and other receptors commonly targeted by antipsychotics. Typical Parkinson’s disease therapy consists of drugs that stimulate dopamine to treat patients’ motor symptoms such as tremor, muscle rigidity and difficulty with walking. NUPLAZID does not interfere with patients’ dopaminergic therapy and therefore does not impair their motor function.

According to the National Parkinson Foundation, about one million people in the United States and from four to six million people worldwide suffer from Parkinson’s disease. An estimated 40 percent of these patients have Parkinson’s disease psychosis, which is characterized by hallucinations and delusions, is associated with significant caregiver burden, and is a major reason for nursing home placement among Parkinson’s patients.

Shares of NewLink Genetics Corporation (NASDAQ:NLNK) traded up 2.08% in last trading session to close the session at a price $16.21/share. Among 6 brokerage firms tracked by Thomson/First Call, the average PT for NLNK is $40.5 but some of them are forecasting the price to move at the $63 level. If the most bullish analysts are correct in their analysis that represents 288.65 percent growth momentum from the current levels. With an average trading capacity of 648,303 shares, the number of shares traded in most recent session was 1,815,454 shares. Its previous 52-week high was $56.16 and moved down -63.65% over the same period, currently having a market cap around $466.65M. Shares have added -33.46% over the trailing 6 months. The stock presently trades -13.19% below its SMA 50 and -52.06% below its SMA 200.

NewLink Genetics Corporation (NLNK) on April 29, 2016 reported consolidated financial results for the first quarter of 2016.

Financial Results for the Three-Month Period Ended March 31, 2016

Cash Position: NewLink Genetics ended the quarter on March 31, 2016, with cash, cash equivalents, and certificates of deposit totaling $178 million compared to $197.8 million for the year ending December 31, 2015. The decrease was attributable primarily due to the increased operating expenses for R&D and pre-commercialization development, offset by amounts received under government contracts.

R&D Expenses: Research and development expenses in the first quarter of 2016 were $21.9 million compared to $18 million during the comparable period in 2015. The increase was primarily due to increases in clinical trial and manufacturing expenses related to NewLink Genetics’ broad pipeline of product candidates.

G&A Expenses: General and administrative expenses in the first quarter of 2016 were $9.2 million compared to $8.4 million during the comparable periods in 2015. The increase was primarily due to an increase in share-based compensation expense, as well as increases in travel expenses and medical affairs and marketing.

Net Income/Loss: NewLink Genetics reported a net loss of $23.7 million or a $0.82 loss per diluted share for the first quarter of 2016 compared to net income of $11.2 million or earnings of $0.35 per diluted share for the comparable period in 2015.